Lucy | 52

The Lucy skirt boasts a custom, exposed, elastic waistband and a gathered, lined, floor-length skirt. The lace or chiffon skirt drapes beautifully and creates a romantic and feminine silhouette - great for date night. With the length and style of this skirt, you can never go wrong with adding this to your daily ensemble.

Lola | 46

The Lola skirt, LuLaRoe’s midi skirt, falls fashionably below the knee. This lace or chiffon skirt features a lining that is four inches shorter than the skirt itself, adding visual interest to the lace options and enough fullness and weight to ensure this skirt hangs beautifully. This skirt in turn makes you feel   beautiful and who wouldn’t want that?

Madison | 46

The Madison skirt is full skirted and features hand-set box pleats and hidden pockets. It is comfortable and practical for everyday life, but easily dressed up when the occasion demands something fancier. Truthfully, wearing it makes those everyday tasks seem a bit more of, well, a special occasion. 


MAXI | 42

Our Maxi skirt is a go-to piece for the woman who wants to be comfortable throughout the day but still likes to look her best. It's perfect for the woman whose demanding day requires function and style from her wardrobe. The LuLaRoe Maxi Skirt can easily be worn while playing on the ground with kids and transitions effortlessly to a night on the town!

aZURE | 35

When it comes to our Azure skirt, looks are deceiving in the best way. This knee-length, A-line skirt looks dressy and polished, but it’s knit fabric and flattering fold-over waist makes it feel like your favorite pair of yoga pants. Win win.

cASSIE | 35

Our Cassie skirt takes the fancy up a notch from the Maxi skirt without sacrificing comfort. Our pencil skirt’s waistband    flatters all body types and enables the wearer to adjust the length as needed. You can still dance like no one is watching and know that everything you want covered will stay covered. And you will look hot, too. We live in this skirt all year long.