How to Shop Online



Come join my weekly online shopping group. I have weekly sales posted in the Facebook albums or via Facebook live. Don't miss my regular giveaways, posts and overall entertainment. Be sure to turn on notifications or RSVP for each event to get notifications and reminders!




For those clients that are not on Facebook, I offer a weekly sale available via email. This sale is available via an online shopping link that is open for a limited time period.  It allows you to claim items and within 24 hours I will send an invoice! To be added to this weekly email, click on the button below. 





If you love live sales and are not on Facebook then this is the platform for learning about LuLaRoe. I am active on Periscope and do regular broadcasts about styles, sizing and running a LuLaRoe business. I do sales who want to purchase and chats for those that want to join! It's great forum for both general questions about the business and the clothing.