My Lula-Love Story


I met my now husband at a local brewery in the fall of 2006.  He asked me a million times to go on a date.  Finally I gave in just to get him to stop asking! That date changed me ... and my life.  We graduated college and move to DC to "find a job" with a combined debt of nearly 100K.  Both of our cars were at the end of their life and well the cheapest apartment we could find was double what we budgeted.  WELCOME to DC, right?!

Our story continued ... we got engaged and later married at the beach on the most perfect days. Our family grew and we adjusted to the "cost of living" and found a modest town home that Erick, my husband, renovated for eight years. By the end of 2014, we had two beautiful girls and were on track financially slowly paying off pieces of our debt.

In mid 2015 we had our third baby! I stood silently as I looked at my pregnant body and realized that I would never have the old me back again.    I wasn't the same person I was five years ago.  I have so many blessings in my life but I began to tumble emotionally into a bad place.  We were on track financially, I had a GREAT job and we lived in a beautiful townhouse.  But I wasn't happy with the idea of worrying about my postpartum body, returning to work with three babies five and under, and the pressure that comes from working as a woman in corporate America.  I knew after three short months of leave, I'd be back stressing about work hours, outfits, schedules.  I'd send millions of texts to my husband about commuting, late dinners and confirming who was going to do daycare drop off and pick up.  I dreaded the thought of how I was going to make up work hours as a healthcare consultant when my 16-week old got a cold or a fever and just needed to be home snuggling with mommy.  I wanted change in order to have more time with my energetic, whimsical girls and still stay on track.  No, I NEEDED the change.

I had my first LuLaRoe encounter while attending a fundraiser at a local elementary school.  I had heard of it prior but had no idea of how many styles they carried!  But have to say that when I saw my first LuLaRoe maxi skirt and it made me want to dance and sing - it was love at first sight! And to be honest, I thought direct sales was not for me.  I figured it was just another sketchy triangle "make money quick" scheme.  But i resorted to google, resources and educated myself.   I remember the LuLaRoe consultant speaking, but I honestly wasn't listening because I was fantasizing about having that soft, beautiful maxi skirt on my enormous growing belly. 

I had LuLa ON THE BRAIN!  Night after night, i kept searching for the reason NOT to join.  The more I learned, the more I wanted it.  I knew in my heart that I needed to be involved in my own LuLaRoe business.  I wanted for other woman to feel as good about their bodies as I did in these clothes and be able to financial EXCEED THEIR GOALS and go beyond to ACHIEVE THEIR DREAMS.  I prayed and continued to process the ifs, hows, the whys and the whens.  Eventually, my husband agreed (hesitantly) to this crazy dream and we started integrating LuLaRoe into our lives.  It's been amazing - I've never looked back.  I recently left my full-time job to do LuLaRoe full time, pulled my kids from daycare to spend every day with them and my journey is continuing to capture every dream I've ever had, one step at a time.