Welcome, I'm Jess Daniels

Warrior woman and wife, Magical Momma of three littles, Lively LuLaRoe Consultant! I am the proud Leader to my Team Fire, Inspire & GO! and give women permission to wear confidence and be their UNIQUE self, whatever that may look like.  


LulaRoe (LLR) is a family-based company that offers 'simply comfortable' women’s and children's clothing. They produce over 30 styles of clothing and design new prints every week! LuLaRoe designs in the United States and produces the clothing styles with a variety of fabrics and prints that are each named after loved ones of the owners. 

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I carry limited edition prints and designs every week. LuLaRoe designs unique prints and materials and cuts them across all of our clothing styles. We don't make them twice so each print is a limited edition! The flexible materials allow you to fit a variety of sizes in each style ... so find your sizing and favorite styles then have a BLAST with these clothes. There is no catalog or special orders.  What you see is what you get! So find your 'unicorn' print and wait with baited breath for the new releases! Take a look at what I have in stock by joining my shopping group. Request an invite here.

Team FIre, inspire & GO!

Since LLR has independent consultants that sell the clothing, when you purchase an item you are supporting a local, small business. Who doesn't LOVE that!?! I've been in business since August 2015 and have been working my business so that I can offer you the newest and most FUN LuLaRoe styles!

Doesn't matter if you are local to me or across the United States, I strive to offer the best customer service and shopping experience for your LuLa needs!

If I don't have something, I reach out to my AMAZING team of strong, dedicated women across the country!  When I am not getting you your LuLa, I am providing trainings and coaching this awesome team!  We support each other by holding each other accountable, sharing ideas and resources with each other. Who wouldn't want to be part of a community like that? 

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